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Rubens (1577-1640)

Descent from the Cross (1612-14)
Fur Wrap (1638)
Helene in her Wedding Gown (1630)
Prometheus Bound (1611)
The Raising of the Cross (1610-11)
Self Portrait with Isabella Brant
Self Portrait (1635)
The Four Continents (1620)
The Judgement of Paris (1639)
The Miracles of St. Francis Xavier (1618-1620)
The Miracles of St. Ignatius Loyola (1618-1620)
The St. Ildefonso Alterpiece (1630-32)
View of Het Steen (1636)
Maria de Medici Paintings (1622-25)
The Council of the Gods (1622-25)
Debarkation at Merseilles (1622-25)
Henri Receives the Portrait of Maria (1622-25)
Marriage by Proxy (1622-25)
The Birth of Maria de Medici (1622-25)
The Exchange of the Princesses (1622-25)
The Flight from the Chāteau de Blois (1622-25)
The Meeting at Lyons (1622-25)
The Coronation of Maria (1622-25)