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Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
Self Portrait with Isabella Brant, c.1609, Munich
The Fur Wrap (Helena Fourment), 1638, Vienna
Helene in her Wedding Gown, c.1630, Munich
The Garden of Love, c.1632, Madrid, The Prado
Automn Landscape with a View of Het Steen, c.1636, London, National Gallery
Self Portrait, c.1635, Vienna
Drawn and Painted copies after Antique Sculpture, Titian and Caravaggio
Prometheus Bound, 1611/12, Philidalphia
The Raising of the Cross, 1610-11, c.15' x 21', Antwerp Cathedral (painted for the Church of St. Walburga)
Preparatory sketch (Louvre); drawings for individual figures; "souvenir" sketch (AGO)
The Four Continents, c.1620, c.7' x 11', Vienna
The Miracles of St. Ignatius Loyola, 1618-1620, c.18' high, Vienna
The Miracles of St. Francis Xavier, 1618-1620, c.18' high, Vienna
Maria de Medici Paintings, 1622-25, c.13' high, Paris, The Louvre
The Birth of Maria de' Medici
The Education of Maria
Henri Receives the Portrait of Maria
The Marriage by Proxy
The Debarkation at Merseilles
The Meeting at Lyons
The Coronation of Maria
The Council of the Gods
The Exchange of the Princesses
The Flight from the Château de Blois
The St. Ildefonso Alterpiece, 1630-32, c.11½' x 8' (central panel), Vienna
The Judgement of Paris, 1639, c.6'8" x 12'8", Madrid, The Prado
Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641)
Self Portrait as Paris, London, Wallace Collection
Self Portrait, The Hermitage
Marchesa Elena Grimaldi, c.1623, Washington
Geonese Noblewoman with her Son, c.1625, Washington
Marie-Louise de Tassis, c.1630, Vaduz
QUEEN HENRIETTA MARIA, c.1633, Washington
CHARLES I ON HORSEBACK, 1633, Royal Collection
Charles I at the Hunt, 1635, Paris, The Louvre
James Stuart, Duke of Richmond (seated), c.1636, London, Kenwood House
James Stuart, Duke of Richmond (standing), c.1636, New York, The Metropolitan Museum
The Artist's Wife as Bass Viol Player, c.1640, Vienna
Frans Hals (1580/85-1666)
Banquet of the Officers of the St. George Militia Company, c.1627, Haarlem, Frans Halsmuseum
The Laughing Cavalier, 1624, London, Wallace Collection
ISAAC MASSA, 1626, Art Gallery of Ontario
The Governors of the Old Men's Alms House, c.1664, Haarlem
The Regentesses of the Old Men's Alms House, c.1664, Haarlem
Rembrandt (1606-1669)
Self Portrait, 1629, The Hague, Mauritshuis
Saskia as Flora, c.1635, London, National Gallery
Self Portrait, 1640, London, National Gallery
Hendrickje Stoffels, 1654/56, London, National Gallery
Titus, 1656, Vienna
SELF PORTRAIT, 1658, New York, Frick Collection
Self Portrait, 1669, The Hague, Mauritshuis
The Painter at his Easel, 1627/28, Boston
Scene from Roman History(?), 1626, Leydon
Judas Returning the 30 Pieces of Silver, 1629, Private Collection
Nicholaes Ruts, 1631, New York, Frick Collection
THE ELEVATION OF THE CROSS, c.1633, c.3' x 2', Munich
The Blinding of Samson, 1636, c.8' x 10', Frankfurt
THE NIGHT WATCH, 1642, c.12' x 14½', Amsterdam
Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer, 1653, New York Met.
The Denial of St. Peter, 1660, Amsterdam
The Conspiracy of Julius Civilus, 1661/62, Stockholm
The Syndics, 1661/62, Amsterdam
The Jewish Bride, c.1666, Amsterdam
Gerrit Dou (1613-1675)
Anna and the Blind Tobit, c.1630, c.25" x 19"
The Young violinist, 1637, c.12½" High, Edinburg
A Poulterer's Shop, c.1650, c.23" x 18", London, Nation Gallery
Gerard Ter Borch (1617-1681)
Paternal Admonition, c.1655, c.28" x 29", Amsterdam
The Suitor's Visit, c.1658, Washington
The Introduction, c.1660, National Trust
The Music Lesson, 1660s, Toledo, Ohio
A Young Woman Playing the Theorbo, 1665/67, London, National Gallery
Gabriel Metsu (1629-1667)
A Man and Woman Seated Beside A Virginal, 1656/59, c.15" x 13", London, national Gallery
Musical Company, c.1660, c.23" x 17", Mauritshuis, c.15" x 13", London, national Gallery
Frans Van Meiris (1635-1681)
An Inn Scene, no date, c.17" x 13", Mauritshuis
Jan Steen (1626-1679)
The Morning Toilet, 1663, c.26" x 21", Royal Collection
A Girl Eating Oysters, c.1660, c.8" x 6", Mauritshuis
The Way You Hear It is the Way You Sing It, c.1663, c.54" x 65", Mauritshuis
A School for Boys and Girls, c.1670, c.33" x 43", Edinburgh
Pieter de Houch (1629-1683)
Many Courtyard Scenes
Women Peeling Apples, c.1663, c.28" x21", London, Wallace Collection
Courtyard of a House in Delft, 1658, c.29" x 24", London, National Gallery
A Boy Bringing Pomegranates, 1664/65, c.30" x 24", London, Wallace Collection
A Woman Giving Money to her Servant, 1668/73, c.29" x 26", Los Angeles
Johannes (Jan) Vermeer (1632-1675)
VIEW OF DELFT, c.1660, c.40" x 47"
Little Street in Delft, c.1660, c.22" x 18", Amsterdam
Christ in th House of Mary and Martha, c.1665, c.63" x 56", Edinburgh
Diana and her Companions, 1655/56, c.39" x 41", Mauritshuis
Sleeping Girl, c.1657, c.35" x 31", New York Met.
THE MILKMAID, 1658/60, c.18" x 16", Amsterdam
Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, c.1665, c.18" x 16", New York Met.
YOUNG WOMAN READING A LETTER, 1663/64, c.18" x 15", Amsterdam
Young Lady with a Pearl Necklace, c.1665, c.22" x 18", Berlin
WOMAN HOLDING A BALANCE, c.1664, c.17" x 15", Washington
The Music Lesson, 1662/64, Royal Collection
Young Woman Standing at a Virginal, 1670/75, c.20" x 18", London, National Gallery
Young Woman Seated at a Virginal, 1670/75, c.20" x 18", London, National Gallery
The Guitar Player, 1670/75, c.21" x 18½", London, Kenwood House
"The Art of Painting", c.1670, c.48" x 39", Vienna
HEAD OF A GIRL, c.1660, c. 18" x 16", Mauritshuis